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Intershop: E-commerce in 3D: That’s how B2B companies benefit from virtual commerce

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Our e-commerce partner Intershop investigated the potential of the megatrend virtual commerce in the B2B sector. This blog article provides insights to advantages, use cases and practical shop integration of 3D, AR and VR features.

The classification of different levels of digital maturity for online shops is particularly interesting. Depending on the individual level of a B2B e-commerce store, there are different ways for the optimal incorporation of 3D product views, Augmented Reality or other interactive content.

  1. Information portal: interactive manuals & tutorials
  2. Transaction portal: 360° product displays
  3. Self-service portal: individual service offers
  4. Personalized, visual portal: 3D & AR visualization (products & immersive experiences)
  5. Smart portal: digital twins
  6. Autonomous portal: VR & Mixed Reality

It is no wonder that virtual commerce technologies in e-commerce are gaining ground and are revolutionizing not only the B2C industry, but also the B2B industry.

Tobias Giese (Intershop)