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IT-Daily: Germany vs USA: How the Metaverse opinions differ

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In an exclusive interview with the online portal IT-Daily, rooom CEO Hans Elstner explains how opinions on the Metaverse differ on both sides of the Atlantic and what the causes might be.

While the United States, with Silicon Valley as the "cradle of the technology industry," is considered to be open to innovation in general, companies and consumers in Germany are also ready for new things, as long as practical use cases and added value of new technologies are identified.

Differences may exist in the legal regulations in particular. With the Digital Service Act, the EU has already defined regulations for providers of metaverse platforms that are intended to protect consumers and strengthen competition. This makes it even more important to cooperate internationally to develop common standards, such as in the Metaverse Standards Forum.

In our opinion, the Metaverse has significant potential to develop sustainable solutions and use cases for practically all industries and therefore will expect further growth.

Besides that, I believe, and most opinions go in the same direction, that there will not be "one solution" for the metaverse. Monopolism is neither desirable, nor will it be possible to implement it. No company will own the Metaverse. Instead, the interconnectivity of the individual digital spaces will increase, creating a seamless experience for users without it coming from just one source. - Hans Elstner, Gründer & CEO rooom AG

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