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expand_circle_down UX design in the metaverse: Ready Player One or digital playground?

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In a guest article, Hans Elstner shows that the metaverse has enormous potential to revolutionize online marketing. A successful user experience (UX) is crucial to creating real added value. Many people are interested in spatial computing, but learning new 3D modeling techniques is daunting. However, modern platforms make it easier to create 3D worlds without extensive skills.

Good UX design in the metaverse requires clear navigation and consistency to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. Successful applications are flexible and adaptable to different devices, with accessible experiences important for both casual users and enthusiasts. Realistic visuals and hardware compatibility must be balanced to ensure fluid interactions.

The target group and their experience play a major role, especially when it comes to onboarding. Tutorials and guided tours can help new users, while experienced users prefer a more game-like introduction. The balance between realism and accessibility is essential to improve immersion.

For online marketing, this means that products should be presented realistically, while the environment can be less detailed. This focuses attention and improves performance. Creativity and an understanding of the target group enable innovative and appealing marketing strategies that would not be feasible in traditional media.

In order to create real innovations and added value in online marketing, it is worth being bold and not just transferring reality to digital.

Hans Elstner, CEO & founder of rooom AG for