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Markt und Mittelstand: Die beste Messe der Welt

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In an article from its "Future Markets" section, the business magazine "Markt und Mittelstand" reports on trends and future forecasts for trade shows.

While face-to-face events are on the rise, digital integrations continue to be in demand, according to IFA CEO Jens Heithecker. Siemens Gamesa has also identified the potential in hybrid event formats and is relying on an online extension to its on-site trade show presence.

Entertainment, concerts, parties and casual appearances are part of the daily routine at trade shows and conventions in the United States. The "TikTok generation", which appreciates gamified elements as long as they are authentically presented, is gradually taking over in the German SME sector as well. The Metaverse offers new possibilities here, such as avatars, virtual showrooms and innovative event formats.

"Professionally implemented and enhanced with entertainment elements, digital extensions could also optimize in-house trade shows at mid-sized companies that can't afford football stadiums and rock bands."

Hans Elstner provides an insight into how rooom's corporate customers are dealing with the situation and which digital solutions have proven successful. A read is well worth it!