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Match-Maker Ventures: Match-Maker Ventures partners with rooom to unleash the full potential of the metaverse

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It's a match!

Match-Maker Ventures announced our strategic partnership to empower the creation, management, and promotion of engaging offerings and events for the telecom industry. Our solutions extend the Match-Maker Ventures portfolio of high-growth technology solutions.

The first joint appearance is already in sight. Our COO Gürkan Ünlü will be speaking at the Match-Maker Ventures webinar on November 24. It is all about mastering the collaboration between scale-ups and companies and keeping track of the progress.

“rooom is disrupting the status quo by enabling 3D, VR, and AR experiences at any time, on any device. They are enabling telcos and other corporates to unleash the full potential of the metaverse in one single self-service platform”, said Carlos Rodrigues, Vice President of Marketing at Match-Maker Ventures.

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