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Metamandrill: Interview with Founder Hans Elstner of rooom

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The metaverse information portal featured Hans Elstner in an interview series about founders and CEOs behind metaverse companies.

"The metaverse is formed by permeating the real world with a digital counterpart." - Hans Elstner


According to the metaverse value-chain model by Jon Radoff, rooom operates on multiple layers of the "seven layers of the metaverse".

  • Human Interface: rooom provides its own interface through a web-based platform.
  • Spatial Computing: The rooom platform offers a cloud-based software for the metaverse.
  • Creator Economy: Anyone can create metaverse content with the easy-to-use interface.
  • Discovery: rooom enables real-time presence through avatars, community-driven content and outbound marketing - e.g. retailers can create virtual showrooms.
  • Experience: Social events, meetings, (escape) games, etc. are possible with rooom.

Read the full interview for more insights from Hans Elstner and the story behind our company.