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OnlinehändlerNews: Shopware: 3D product views increase the likelihood of purchase by 30 percent

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A new dimension in e-commerce

Both customers and retailers benefit from the realistic presentation of products when shopping online. This makes it easier to find what they are looking for - reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction. According to Stefan Hamann, Co-CEO of Shopware, online stores can expect improved key figures, longer session durations, lower bounce rates and lower return rates from spatial commerce. Products with 360-degree views or virtual try-on options will also be optimized in Google search results in the future.

With this in mind, the e-commerce software provider Shopware wants to integrate immersive 3D, AR and VR content into its store system and is collaborating with rooom. The integration allows 3D models and virtual showrooms to be easily created and implemented in online stores. The aim is to take the step “from the second to the third dimension” for online retail.