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OTZ: Million investment for rooom AG from Jena

OTZ: Million investment for rooom AG from Jena

With our solutions for digital and hybrid eventsfour million euros! This round of financing offers a great opportunity to further develop our platform and drive our market entry into the US. The successful closing of the "Series A" investment round shows us that other companies and private supporters also have confidence in our business and are betting on rooom's international success.

"Over the past year, the team around founder and CEO Hans Elstner has shown that it is agile in responding to market opportunities, can develop new products quickly and place them successfully on the market, and at the same time create the structures to scale the organization quickly. Therefore, we support the company and believe that rooom can also position itself in the U.S. market as a leading solution for the creation and use of 3D content in the business sector."

Stephan Beier, Senior Investment Manager at Beteiligungsmanagement Th├╝ringen (BMT) GmbH

The complete article of the OTZ is available here.