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Shopware introduces AI Copilot with AI search and VR/AR storytelling

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At this year's Shopware Community Day, the leading digital commerce platform provider Shopware will be presenting its strategic focus on AI and spatial commerce as well as the associated product innovations.

This integration of spatial and immersive effects, which can be implemented without technical expertise, is designed to help online retailers stand out from the competition through significantly more immersive storytelling.


This includes not only AI search and storytelling for AR glasses such as the Apple Vision Pro, but also immersive web-based solutions for 3D experiences that are implemented via Shopware ecosystem partner rooom. The product innovations include:

  •  A live generated product preview for personalized products.
  • Detailed exploded graphics to make individual parts of products visible and orderable.
  • Virtual try-on for glasses.


The spatial features work in the browser or any AR device, follow open web standards and are available to the open source community.