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Thüringische Landeszeitung Jena: "Jena Digital" joins forces

Thüringische Landeszeitung Jena: "Jena Digital" joins forces

New association networks business, science and administration at the traditional location 

Together with 25 other companies, institutions and facilities, we founded the association "Jena Digital" . The aim is to jointly create a communication and cooperation platform that focuses on the digitalisation of the business, science and administration sectors. Jena is to be represented more intensively to the outside world as a digital location and capital of the e-commerce sector in Germany and networked more strongly internally. Above all, the city wants to attract young talent, which, together with over 140 companies in the digital economy and more than 1,500 digital experts, is playing a key role in shaping the digital transformation of society

"We want to make Jena a beacon on the topic of digitalisation that steels far beyond Thuringia." - Hans Elstner, CEO and founder rooom AG 

The latest articles on the "Jena Digital" association can be found at:

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