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University of Jena: Jena digital companies fund e-commerce professorship

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Read the press release by Uni Jena (German)


Jena's Friedrich Schiller University will have a new professorship starting in 2023: Information Systems with a focus on e-commerce and digital business. rooom AG and nine other Jena-based digital companies have now donated a six-digit sum to fund the new professorship.

As a company based in the digital hub of Jena, we want to support the academic education of professionals. It is important to us both to prepare students for a career in the digital business and to promote the Jena region as an economic center.


"The endowed professorship will not only expand research and education in the field of digital economy, but also strengthen the transfer between university and industry. We are united by the goal of developing Jena into a leading transfer and innovation region in Germany."

University President Professor Walter Rosenthal

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