3D Configurator

Pictures of different product variants were yesterday. - Now your customers can put together their own desired products.Jetzt buchenJetzt kontaktieren

Do you have products in different variants? Maybe even individual products? With the 3D configurator from rooom, your customers can now create their own desired product easily and playfully. No more long forms, no more misunderstandings. The user of your site simply clicks on which colour, which imprint or which material he wants and immediately sees what the final object will look like - in 3D from all sides. This ensures satisfied customers, who will recommend you and order again from you at any time.

How does your product become a 3D model?

If you already have 3D data, you can upload them directly into the rooom system and look forward to your 3D model. Alternatively, we also offer a variety of options to help you create your models. This includes our rooomSCAN and 3D modeling based on photos or videos. Find out more here.