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With rooom360 you create virtual copies of your offices or showrooms, which you can easily and impressively integrate into your website. Interested parties can then go on a three-dimensional tour through your museum, office or production hall with just one click - on their desktop or mobile. Special technology is not necessary, but if you have a standard VR glasses at hand, you can also enjoy your tour in Virtual Reality.

How does rooom360 work?

With 360-degree cameras you can scan your premises yourself or members of the rooom team and create a virtual tour. You can then enrich this with an unlimited number of additional content to give your visitors a round 3D or VR experience. Create virtual info boards, show videos or work with audio content. So you can inspire for example potenzielle visitors for your exhibition , show future coworkers their new job or present a real estate offer to house buyers. Also journeys by the time are possible, by scanning premises or exhibitions, which are restructured, before.

How does rooom360 work?

360° tour