Whitepaper: 10 Key Factors for Success in Metaverse Marketing

Conducting real business in a virtual world

Contents of the whitepaper

In a recent talk at Hamburg Media School, rooom CEO Hans Elstner shared his views for success in the metaverse as it goes from technological curiosity to true business platform — opening up a vast and diverse new sector of the economy on its way. It turns out that as with any new technology, a few key factors can make the difference between one-trick-wonder and sustained ongoing returns. This whitepaper summarizes the 10 factors Elstner believes matter to marketers moving into this new world.

Key learnings:

The metaverse isn’t a technological fad, or even a single technology. It’s a set of enablers that broaden and deepen relationships with more immersive experiences, synthesizing traditional channels into a full-spectrum sensory space — the basis for a whole new way of interacting with customers.

Hans Elstner, rooom AG

The metaverse is already all around us, connecting as many different people, businesses and areas of life as possible.

Hans Elstner, CEO rooom

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