Interactive 3D Product Visualizations

Contents of the use case

NESTRO® Lufttechnik GmbH is one of the large established manufacturers for extraction and filtration systems. While searching for an alternative for all the cancelled trade fairs in 2020/21, the supplier came across the services offered by rooom’s platform. Since they usually present their machines and their functionality at trade fairs, they wanted to make this effect also available on their website for all visitors. The solution here were 3D models. NESTRO® decided to add interactive 3D models to its shop to display them more vividly.

In this use case we present the success story of NESTRO® and show how they utilized 3D product visualisation to enhance customer loyality and generated more leads.

    Key learnings:

    • How to spark curiosity and generate leads with 3D products
    • Implementation of 3D products for explaination and demonstration
    • How to increase customer loyalty

    We wanted to offer customers, who now get their information directly on our website instead of visiting us at trade fairs, a similar interactive experience as we usually do at our trade fair booths.

    Till Uhle, Director Marketing & Sales D|A|CH bei NESTRO ®

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