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 16 innovation challenges faced by ecommerce leaders in 2024

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rooom and Shopware are cooperating to create extraordinary shop experiences. In this whitepaper, CEO & founder of rooom Hans Elstner gives insights into his work and answers the question of how spatial commerce can close the gap between online and offline shopping.

This paper covers 16 challenges that businesses will face in 2024 and explores how the latest technological advances can streamline your operations and strengthen your competitive edge. You'll read about strategic approaches to leverage innovation, boost efficiency, and unlock new market opportunities.


How to create a 3D model from photos

Step 1 |

Create a photo series

Take multiple photos that show every single perspective of the object. You can do this with your smartphone or with a professional scanning solution.

Step 2 |

Upload photos

Upload the photos to rooomProducts via the dashboard. The system automatically converts them into a 3D model.

Step 3 |

Edit the 3D model

If required, you can add information to the finished 3D model, for example about the functionality or product highlights.

Step 4 |

Integrate the 3D model

Simply insert an iFrame to embed the 360-degree product view into your website.

Features of our 3D E-Commerce Software

  • Easy 3D model creation using photos or (existing) 3D scans
  • Fast loading time thanks to minimal data volumes
  • Integrated Augmented Reality (AR) function
  • Seamless integration via plugin
  • Interactive product configuration via 3D configurator
  • Presentation in virtual showroom possible
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