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Hans Elster
Hans Elstner

CEO & Founder of rooom

The digital innovator in Hans was brought to life when he received his first PC. Instead of just playing computer games like…

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Aimée Henning, rooom AG
Aimée Henning

Creative Director at rooom

Visionary and creative – Aimée is a true pioneer in Metaverse design and the driving force behind rooom’s Creative Design.…

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Clarissa Leithiger, rooom AG
Clarissa Leithiger

Senior Marketing Manager at rooom

Clarissa joined rooom in 2020. As a digital native, she works with a passion to bring more awareness to the…

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Hendrik Lober

CTO at rooom

With a total of 14 years of experience in the field of 3D development and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Media, Hendrik…

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Thorben Steenmanns

Head of Serious Gaming & Business Development

Thorben started at ePlayces in 2020 as head of the Online B2B Team Events department, which dominated…

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Antonia Straub

Partner Marketing Manager at rooom

Since 2022, Antonia has been strengthening the team at rooom, where she closely collaborates with the Channel and…

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