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Your product as a "digital twin": Present your customers a photo-realistic 3D experience.

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You want to save on expensive and time-consuming product photography, but not compromise on image quality? The recognition value of your brand should still be maintained? Then get into digital marketing with impressive 3D graphics and imagery.

What is a rendering?

Meaningful product images are essential for the sale of products. With several variants, the costs for professional product photos can quickly skyrocket. With 3D renderings you save costs and present your products in the best light. A rendering is based on a three-dimensional replica, which is provided with the appropriate surface and lighting. With a 3D program objects are transformed into a 3D model and can be inserted into any location and scenery. Shape, material, color and light can be adjusted and changed afterwards with our Rendering Software.

Use 3D renderings for product variants

This makes it possible to present your product in several variants, even if it is still a prototype. High-end renderings are amazingly similar to conventional product photography, allowing you to maintain or completely redefine the visual language and branding of your brand.

To create a rendering, you only need 3D data of the object. If you do not have your own 3D models yet, you can create them yourself with the help of rooom or have us create them for you. This is made possible by 3D scanning, 3D modeling or even a reconstruction based on existing images.

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Application areas for 3D product images


Interior & furniture

Present furniture, kitchens and interior in atmospheric and realistic sceneries with an Interior Rendering. Perfect for online shops, catalogs and co.

Automotive & aviation

Customers and fans of your brand can hardly wait for the launch of new models: Present your production processes in the form of photo-realistic 3D visualizations on your website.


Architecture & real estate

As a real estate agent or architect, you can present your real estate and construction projects with an architectural rendering even before the start of construction. We provide precise and professional views of your real estate, construction documentation and floor plans.



Numerous companies in industry and commerce benefit from the advantages of Product Rendering, for example in e-commerce, on a website or in print format.

Alternative to the classic photo shoot

Product photos for objects made of glass are difficult to create. Due to reflections and light reflexes, it is extremely complicated to obtain aesthetic photos, for example for a catalogue or online shop. A product rendering is the solution! With our 3D software, light reflections and surfaces can be individually adjusted to show the object "in the best light". The product design comes to the fore.

How to create a rendering

Step 1 | Preparation

Before we start, we first need object photos, sketches or floor plans (ideally also 3D data such as CAD, FBX or OBJ) of the product we want to visualize.

Step 2 | Modeling

You don't have any 3D data yet that we can start with? No problem. We rebuild your data with the help of our 3D software and model the rough geometry from simple bodies and surfaces. This way we create a two-dimensional image with light reflections and realistic surfaces.

Step 3 | Shading

Here we give your 3D model the desired colors, structures and materials. Everything should be reproduced as realistically and detailed as possible. This requires corresponding product samples, for example for materials on the surface of your product (fabrics, wood, metals). A creative process in which everything is possible!

Step 4 | Light

Now we let your product shine in the best light. To do this, we place suitable light sources in the virtual space and adjust all settings adequately until we can make the first test renderings.

Step 5 | Rendering

Now it's time to get down to business! Color values are calculated for each individual pixel point, taking into account all light, space and texture specifications. The digital twin of your product is created!

Advantages of 3D renderings



Your product can be placed in any imaginable environment and demonstrated from all perspectives (e.g. cross-sections). This makes what is shown appear real to touch. All 3D renderings are freely rotatable and adaptable in shape, colour, material and light.


In today's fast-paced world, exciting and continuous content is more important than ever. We capture your prototypes, products or real estate even before they are on the market to create anticipation for your customers.



The production of our 3D renderings is - unlike a classic photo shoot - independent of time, place and weather. And the best: All animations can be changed and adapted afterwards.


Best image quality

Our powerful rendering software ensures pin sharp graphics that show absolutely no qualitative difference to a "real photo".



The 3D model of your product can of course also be reused for other projects such as virtual reality, augmented reality or 360° views. Let us advise you!

FAQ: 3D Renderings

What is a rendering?

A rendering is a three-dimensional object that is created digitally and used for online presentations. It is useful for staging 3D models in 2D as well (e.g. for print materials or in a virtual environment).

How to create a 3D rendering?

To get a rendering, you first need product photos, sketches or finished 3D data. From these, a 3D model is created with colors, surface structures and lighting. This is then used to create the photorealistic rendering.

What are the advantages of 3D renderings over classic product images?

A big benefit of renderings is that even prototypes that do not yet exist in reality can be represented photorealistically. In addition, objects can be displayed very easily and quickly in different scenarios and variants and from different angles. Especially with automated renderings, the costs are lower than for elaborate photo shoots.

Scale up your business with 3D renderings

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