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Companies from all industries use rooom to digitally market their products.Test for 14 daysContact us now

More than 25,000 users from over 30 countries are already using the diverse applications of rooom.

Museums and foundations such as the German Optical Museum or the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, use 3D tours to take their offerings to a new level. Companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Schott and many more use rooom to digitize the presentation of their products. Companies in the event industry use our solution for virtual events. Also providers from the areas e-commerce and real estate recognize the countless possibilities of 3D, augmented and virtual reality and use them for their marketing.

Here you can find some companies that already use our 3D solutions successfully:

Logo by Telekom
Logo by IFA
Logo by Thomann
Logo by rbb
Logo by PWC
Logo by Porta
Logo by Zeiss
Logo by PUKY Bikes
Logo by Bosch
Logo by IHK Südthüringen
Logo by Messe Berlin
Logo by Leibniz IPHT
Logo by Lindig
Logo by Otto Bock
Logo by Schott
Logo by Klassikstiftung Weimar
Logo by EON
Logo by FCC Jena
Logo by Möve Bikes
Logo by LEG
Logo by Saurierpfad Jena
Logo by Wera
Logo by JenaLichtstadt
Logo by Messe Erfurt
Logo by BD
Logo by Dethleffs
Logo by Air IT Systems
Logo by Otto Waalkes
Logo by republica
Logo by Deutsches Optisches Museum
Logo by Numerik
Logo by Table Ronde
Logo by Ergotopia
Logo by Sterntaler
Logo by IBA
Logo by Mowik
Logo by Horten
Logo by Jenetric