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Various projects have already benefited from the countless possibilities of our 3D platform. Whether e-commerce, cultural sector, real estate industry or economy - our 3D technologies offer an enrichment for every industry. VR, AR and 3D content support marketing, simplify customer acquisition and facilitate communication.

Product Viewer

PUKY Children's Bicycle
Prusa Mini
Gibson Les Paul
Ottobock. Sport 77
Porsche 911
Horten Aircraft 5-Seater

Space Viewer

Eloom Hydrogen Facility
Virtual Art Exhibition "Du bist Faust"
Renovation of the rooom Office
Ergotopia Office
Dethleffs Showroom
PUKY Showroom


Lobby InvestorDays Thurinigia 2020
Virtual Exhibition Booth
Telekom Cyber Space
IFA Showroom of rooom AG
Virtual Exhibition Hall
Bakerman All-in-One Exhibition Booth


rooom Office Tour
Botanical Garden Jena
Haus im Sack
Herzogin Anna Amalia Library
German Optical Museum


3D Real Estate Visualization
SaurierPfad Jena
rooom Trailer
2020 in Review