Augmented Reality

Projecting objects from the monitor into the real environment with just one click - that's AR.Jetzt buchenJetzt kontaktieren

Rooom AR allows you to project objects from your online shop or website into the real environment with just one click. The smartphone screen merges seamlessly with the real environment and the virtual object seems to stand directly in front of you in its original size - without installation, without special technology.

Why Augmented Reality?

  • Arouse enthusiasm -
    Customers can view products in a real environment
  • Help with the purchase decision -
    Customers get a feel for size, color & texture
  • Less returns -
    Well-founded purchase decisions for satisfied buyers

You and your customers can enjoy Augmented Reality with our 3D Product Viewer, with our 3D Configurator and also on our platform rooomBOOKS.

Why Augmented Reality?